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If you are looking to hire a professional SEO services company to promote your local business, consider to get a free, no obligation quote from us. We provide affordable local SEO services for any type of business. We specialize in search engine optimization for local businesses, that have a physical location, and target local customers, and we also provide our services to companies that are looking for national exposure.

Our local SEO services will put you on the first page of Google.

An overview of services our SEO company provides for local businesses:

  • Analysis of your local profile/website and development of strategy to increase visibility.
  • Google + (plus) local business listing optimization.
  • Creation and optimization of profiles (citations) on websites such as yellow pages, yelp, merchant circle, etc.
  • Optimization of youtube videos, for people to find them searching locally.
  • On-page optimization of a website to show up higher for local searches (meta tags, content optimization).
  • Link building, to show up for keyword phrases, that do not bring up local map listings.
  • Pay per click (PPC) campaign, that target local customers, set up and management.
  • Selection of a domain name to create custom landing pages.
  • Design of a simple website for business owners who are not happy with their current one, or do not have a website.
  • Selection and implementation of the keywords that local buyers are using to find businesses of your competitors.
  • Consultations on how to get higher ranking in local search results.

Steps our local SEO services will take to improve your business visibility online.

There are a few steps we would take to ensure your SEO campaign is successful:

1. First we would find out the most suitable keywords for your SEO efforts.

One of the most common mistakes website owners make is targeting the wrong keywords. The keywords with highest search volume will almost never be the best keywords to compete for. For example, for an SEO company trying to get business from local business owners, the most attractive keyword may seem to be "local SEO". This keyword phrase gets about 60,000 searches a month. In spite of the search volume being very high, it is probably not the best choice of the keywords to compete for. A business owner typing this keyword phrase may not be looking to give his business to anyone at all. He could be trying to look up some local SEO tips on how to promote a business yourself, or it could be any type of local SEO tools they are trying to find again, for the purpose of do it yourself project. The keyword phrase "local SEO services" has by far much lower search volume than just "local SEO", but it also is much more likely to have a ready to do business owner behind this search query, who is trying to find a local SEO company, that can optimize and promote his website. The same approach we will take when marketing your website. Our company will do an extensive keyword research before optimizing your website on any number of keywords, and give you a report on what keywords are most relevant to the product or service you are promoting. And which keywords are more likely to bring you actual customers, instead of just clicks from people browsing the Internet, looking for some information related to your industry.

2. The goal of our second step would be to eliminate all the mistakes on your website itself.

Optimizing titles and description of your pages, file names, alt tags, content, etc. would not only serve the purpose of getting your site ranked higher, but again will help to get better quality leads. Customers who find exactly what they are looking for, will be more likely to take action and sign up for your product or service.

3. The third step of our SEO campaign will be to build links pointing to your website.

Link building is the part of the SEO process that will help your site to be ranked high in search results. Inbound links is a part of SEO, no website competing either locally, or on the national level, can survive without.
As a part of our link building services we also will create and optimize business profiles on the websites, such as yelp, kudzu, super pages, and many others. For the local business SEO does not stop with building links. The creation and optimization of such profiles is just as important as link building.

The main difference between the website optimization for local searches and national SEO campaign is the citations. Optimizing a website for local searches creation of the citations is a must, in order to rank high in Google maps. All the other elements of search engine optimization( on-page optimization, link building ) for the website being promoted on a local or national level will be very similar.

What separates this SEO company from other companies providing similar services:

  1. Your calls and email returned promptly.
  2. SEO strategy will be tailored to fit your goals.
  3. No long term contracts. If we don't make you money, fire us.

Contact us to find out what we can do, to increase traffic to your website.

If you found this website looking for local area SEO services, and wondering if we are located somewhere around the corner, that is not the case. Local SEO is not our geographical location, it is the type of services we offer to our clients. We provide our local search engine optimization services to the businesses in any city. It does not matter where you live, or what type of business you own, if you have a website that needs to be optimized, we would like to talk to you.